Research Exp for Undergrads

The Nanotechnology and Biomedicine REU Site @ UGA is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation and University of Georgia sponsors.

The REU program will provide an interdisciplinary research experience at the interface of micro-/nano-technology and biomedicine to undergraduate students from other institutions, leveraging the diverse interdisciplinary expertise, resources, and training opportunities in this area at UGA.

Students will participate in interdisciplinary research projects that apply micro-/nano-technology to specific biomedical questions. Each REU student will be co-mentored by paired faculty from the nanotechnology and biomedical disciplines on a collaborative research project. In addition to a total-immersion, hands-on research experience, students will participate in enriching activities that will include ethics-in-science workshop; weekly career development seminars; research seminars; educational field trips; participation in conferences in nanotechnology and biomedicine.

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